I have just dropped  the first release of what is my first crack at writing a binary module for PowerShell and is available on my GitHub here https://github.com/davotronic5000/PowerShell_Credential_Manager.

The module adds some extra functionality to PowerShell allowing to use the build in Windows Credential Manager.  Allowing a secure method for storing credentials on the local system, which is useful for unattended scripts, scheduled tasks or working with third-party APIs not supporting pas-through authentication.

This first release introduces 4 new commands:

  • Get-StoredCredential – Gets one or more credentials from the Windows Credential Manager and outputs either a PSCredential or Credential object.
  • New-Stored Credential – Adds a new credential to the Windows Credential Manager.
  • Remove-StoredCredential – Deletes a credential from the Windows Credential Manager.
  • Get-StrongPassword – Randomly generates a new password.

The module includes complete help but does not currently support some of the more useful advanced features like –confirm, Pipeline support and more complete verbose output, which I am planning to build in for v2.

Hopefully some people find this useful and please let me know of any bugs or features that would be useful in either the comments below or on GitHub.